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Be Prepared

The Value of Preparedness

About The Author

Civilian Self-defense Thoughts author

The author, Mars Tagayun, is neither a military nor police personnel and has never been one saved from the prerequisite military training of schools and universities he had undergone in order to graduate from high school and college. He had no experience in the battleground nor had he ever shot a person in a gun battle but he had had several near shoot-out with an armed man who carries either a knife, a gun or blunt instrument. Only his experience with the psychology of such people prevented him from using his gun to protect himself and that is a FIRM STANCE and CONFIDENCE that he can very well tackle the threat at hand. - from the author's friend.

I have been carrying my Colt .45 since 1988, almost every day, up to the time this website is being constructed (2016). I had been involved in three near-deadly confrontations where my adversary carried a gun, twice where my adversary was armed with a knife or lead pipe and once when my adversaries carried either a knife or club. I had my gun ready on two or three occasions, but thanks, God, only in two situations did I draw my gun but did not find the need to even level it up to my adversary because calmness and reason, and not anger and aggression, prevailed. I have so many fights or near fight experiences, but I won't write about them anymore unless readers can learn a lesson or two from it. I can't understand though why trouble seems to be always following me wherever I go especially in my younger days. Maybe God just wanted to strengthen me for some reason I did not know. But now I know because I have this website to impart my experiences to you. I just hope that what I've written here would be of some help. I'm not a self-defense practitioner. I learned very limited fighting skills informally by watching the movies and by reading good self-defense books and practicing what it teaches with my friends - but I always believed in the power of prayers which I consider like a "parachute". That is, "it must be opened while you are still far from the ground and not when you are just a couple of feet from the ground." Meaning your prayers are nothing when you are already under attack.
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Why do we need to be prepared 24/7 for defense?

The answer is simple and straightforward: To protect ourselves and our loved ones from animals with human faces.

Do we need to arm ourselves or take up some self-defense course in order to be properly prepared for defense/offense? The answer is both YES and NO! You can be an armed pistol expert or a martial art master, but if you are not aware of what is going around you, and know not a hint of what kind of people are around you or the person you are dealing with, can get you killed! You may be a layman in terms of armed and unarmed combat, but if you pay attention to that faint voice of your subconscious - and this requires training in order to enhance it - criminals and swindlers will always find you a hard target. Just ask the experts.

A person may or may not believe every word of a harmless looking “sweet talker”, but they usually withhold asking questions - out of courtesy (and that includes me until I overcame it).

Courtesy? What courtesy? This is the reason why so many people are being gypped and victimized by strangers with evil intentions. They usually withhold what they wanted to ask, out of "courtesy", so they won’t hurt or offend other people's sensibilities. Be brutally frank if you need to for strangers who are "overly friendly".

Believe that old saying: "Never talk to strangers." I hasten to add: Don’t accept anything from strangers, and don’t believe everything a harmless looking stranger tells you! DOUBT, DOUBT, DOUBT, DOUBT, always doubt.

You don’t have to be a psychologist in order to have the slightest idea of what kind of person you are dealing with, especially when you just met that person a minute, an hour or a day ago, and who is not a distant relative nor a friend of a friend. Their trick: They will do their best to look harmless, will always be smiling and trying hard to please you with almost anything; but they will hypnotize you if they know how. They’ll also try hard to make you feel a very special person in order to gain your confidence. Once they do, they’ll offer you something hard to resist or worse, attack you when the right time opens up! Always ask yourself: Why am I so important to this person?

DOUBT, DOUBT, DOUBT, DOUBT, always doubt, and always be aware of what your subconscious is telling you and listen to it for it can save you from big trouble.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. - Matthew 7:15

A Sad Story

A couple’s baby was missing. They reported the incident to the police who ordered a nationwide search for the baby. The couple themselves conducted a search of their own driving to several possible places their baby might have been taken.

Parking along a lonely patch of road, they walked some distance when they somewhat heard a faint voice of a crying baby in one of the old houses. The crying stopped when they knocked at that house and was greeted by a seemingly harmless looking man. They informed him their baby is missing and they are searching the place hoping to see their baby. The man calmly told them he was sorry to hear it and offered to help by looking around and asking neighbors. The man even offered them some refreshments.

The couple left the place.

Home after a long tiring day, the couple talked about that man they met in that almost deserted stretch of road. They wondered, “Why did the faint voice of a crying baby suddenly stopped when they knocked at the door? Could it have been their baby?" Finally, inkling something was amiss, the couple asked the police to check the old house and the man. The police investigated, and indeed it was their baby, but already dead in the house’s ceiling. The baby probably died of the heat in the ceiling.

Here you can see how the subconscious mind works. It gave the couple a hunch that something was not right but they were not paying attention (out of courtesy?). An intelligent quick thinking man - trained or untrained - would have listened to this hunch, set courtesy aside for a moment and asked questions. He would have inoffensively asked the man why his baby was crying and noted his eyes and body language. This is a starter, be sure you are ready in case something goes wrong! The man, if not guilty, might have been somewhat slighted, but he would have surely understood the gravity of the situation the couple was in; he would have surely sympathized with them; he would have cheerfully obliged and shown them his own baby if he had one**. But then you are still not 100% sure. You should always be suspicious especially when a life is at stake.

**But the man did not! At that junction, the couple should have unhurriedly left and immediately called the police when they were out of the man's sight. Anyways, it is easy to offer an apology later due to the gravity of the situation the couple was in.

I can no longer remember where I read this unfortunate incident or the place and the year it happened. The details I have written above are only as far as what I can remember.

Always pay attention to subtle signals of your subconscious...

AGAIN: "...beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing…" the Bible warns.