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A Civilian's Thought on Self-Defense

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson


Family safety has always been man's primordial concern

All animals and insects God created have basic defensive/offensive instincts to keep them from being attacked by predators. God has given us this instinct, too - to a higher degree - but unfortunately, because of the cycle of our "peaceful" everyday life, many among us have taken this for granted.

Probably, the best asset that can be learned in order to survive a deadly threat is to be aware that danger lurks wherever we are, wherever we go, at whatever time of the day or night it is: and that we need to be prepared on how to effectively react - just in case...

Our Objective

The objective of this site is to train you on how to avoid deadly conflicts and being victimized by criminals. It covers some simple unarmed defensive action or maneuver and some simple armed self-defense using a knife or a gun or anything else, whether it was designed for self-defense or not. To augment your training, there are many good schools and so many excellent books you can buy on a particular self-defense skill you are interested in.

The author assumes you have some background in unarmed self-defense, or you would not be in this site. Nonetheless, it is still advantageous to learn what this site will impart to you, whether or not you are trained in the art of both armed and unarmed combat; for it dwells much on the use “common sense” to avoid serious conflicts that can save your life and that of your loved ones, or probably, even some other people around you, too.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16


Danger, Danger Everywhere

Self-defense is a serious business, period. If you are physically strong and have the time and money, go ahead and enroll for training in a good self-defense school specializing in a form of martial art you are most interested in; or buy good books - there are so many excellent books on both armed and unarmed self-defense you can buy at dirt cheap prices. - and practice the exercises it recommends - both mentally and physically with your friends

Our minds are always focused on something else that we forget to even pray for our safety and that of our families, loved ones and friends. - Author

You don’t have to acquire the skills of a 9th Dan black belt to be able to defend yourself, but you have to develop a skill good enough for you to effectively use against an attacker; if you are physically capable and have the time to prepare for it, good.

Take note! Martial art experts contend with one another in a "controlled" combat environment; while we, the ordinary folks, have to contend only once or twice in our lives with attackers in "uncontrolled" life or death situation.

A caveat: Don’t be too self-confident; criminals may not have undergone martial arts training, but that does not mean they are poor in life or death physical struggle. It is, for this reason, you must train to higher levels of self-defense skills for you to heighten your survival skills if you possibly could.

If you could buy a gun and have a carry permit in your country, go ahead and get one, but practice it regularly. You owe it to the society who has given you the right or the privilege to possess and carry that firearm, AND to be responsible and proficient with its use:

But all these efforts turn to naught if the criminal shoots you or stabs you at the back first before you can even react!

Armed and Ready but...

Here in my country, I have read so many shooting incidents in newspaper accounts where a policeman, a soldier or armed civilian was killed inside their car along busy street intersections, while shopping in open market places, in front of their own houses, or right in front of their offices. Even policemen and battle-tested soldiers in full battle gear get kidnapped or killed while buying food supplies for their units in a supposed to be secured marketplaces in areas they are assigned or conducting operations.

Most of the victims were armed at the time they were ambushed; some, too were even expert combat shooters. In almost 98% of the incidents I read, some did manage to draw their guns, but failed to even pull the trigger, while some did manage to draw and fire - but without any serious consequence to the attacker/s! Why? Because it was too late! They were totally unaware that a very serious threat to their lives was at hand.

They were simply too “relaxed”… as the saying goes.

Here you can see that even highly trained personnel can be killed if they fail to recognize a very serious threat to their existence as they go around doing their daily chores.

What then could be done to ensure your safety? For me, the best self-defense for both the physically strong and physically weak, armed or unarmed, is still situational awareness, prevention, avoidance and a good knowledge of how a criminal mind works. This will force you to learn tactics that could keep you away from trouble and probably, the need to even defend yourself in the first place. Awareness, avoidance and prevention mean your subconscious mind knows what is happening and signals your conscious mind that there is a threat to your existence; because training the conscious mind also trains the subconscious, which can react to a dangerous situation when your conscious mind is busy on something.

- You are less tense if you are trained and prepared and ready to defend yourself or your family in case the situation goes out of control - and criminals can smell it.
- Just in case the situation is still under control, and you are armed, avoid them if you still can. It makes a good defense in court to prove you acted in self-defense, and that you did everything to avoid a shooting situation to save your life. Firing that gun when you don't need to will bring you a hell lot of trouble and big big financial drain, without even mentioning the consequence of you going to prison.