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Thoughts on Unarmed Self-Defense

About Fear and Panic

Never forget this: "Fear is natural, panic is an uncotrolled fear". I learned this from a retired officer of The Philippine Marines. Please remember this too: "your best and most important defense weapon is what you have between your ears..."

Unarmed Defense

1. Man is armed with a knife

- Don’t dare take chances, leave the area immediately and dial the police if you can.

- If you’re unarmed like most of us, cornered and have nowhere to go, look around for what possible things cluttering around you can use for defense. A chair or small garbage bin (a bit difficult to hold) can be used for knife attacks including sometimes a bolo attack. A lightweight table, however, is better for a bolo or a club attack. By the way, don’t forget that long man’s umbrella, I once successfully defended myself with it against an attacker armed with a sharp 12" (including the handle) triangular ice pick, see Fps-5, fashioned by sharpening triangular file edges. The Filipinos call it tres kantos and its only purpose is to kill.

Duck and Pull simple defensive technique
Duck and Pull: A Forgotten World War II Era Simple Defensive Technique?

Img. 1- Man on left has been discreetly observing the man's chest and shoulders which will give him clue when his adversary will attack.
Img. 2- His adversary did, and he moves to counter the anticipated blow.
Img. 3- Man gives a right hook, the defender instinctively ducks to grab the legs of his attacker.
Img: 4- Defender pulls the legs of his attacker that will cause him to trip with his back on the ground.

NOTE: Hold the leg/s as high as you can as you stand up; this will make your adversary fall down to the ground with greater impact. You can pull with your two hands just one leg if you can't reach the other leg. Pulling upward a single leg is enough to trip your attacker.

WEAKNESS: I'm afraid that the Duck and Pull can only be used ONCE in a fight. If you failed to execute it correctly on your first attempt, don't try to repeat it since you might just get a kick or a knee blow to your face. Just my opinion, folks.

Note: I don't know if this defense technique has a name. It was just taught to me by my godfather, a World War II veteran. I coined "Duck and Pull" for our easy reference.

Click here for larger images.

-If you can’t pick up something to ward off the attack, an electric pole or a car can buy you time until help arrives. Doing so may be better than running and being caught with a stab in the back. How? Because this will make the attacker chase you around the pole* or a car** but will have difficulty coming near to stab you. Shout for help while the attacker is chasing you to attract attention. Warning: Never take your eyes off the attacker during the "merry-go-round".

By the way, I don’t recommend a table since an attacker can always jump on top of it or turn it on its side making you an easy target. It might help momentarily in some situations, though.

*Note: Stay close to the pole for your evasive maneuver with the palm of your left or right hand touching the pole to maintain constant distance and also for maintaining balance. Practice this with your friends.
**Note: Run to another car if the attacker goes on top of it. If there are no other cars, watch his movement and plan your move but don’t leave the car and run. Practice this defense technique with your friends using a junk car.

- You don’t have to run if you are armed with a pistol, but have it drawn quickly and ready on your side. Don't point the gun because the gun is considered deadlier than a knife. You might be in a serious, time consuming, expensive legal battle later since less than a split second is all you need to elevate the gun to the attacker’s chest (please study your local laws on this by consulting a lawyer). If the knife wielding man comes to you at 6 feet with a stabbing stance, you are now justified to elevate and point the gun at his chest. Give a verbal warning, and if he tries to come closer than 6 ft, shoot him at the chest, not the head since it is a bobbing target. At six feet, a man trained with a knife can make a single long jump to thrust his sharp, wicked looking knife on your chest.

Note-1: Physics defines momentum as “the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity” Thus, a man jumping or rushing towards you to stab you or hack you with a bolo cannot be easily stopped by a bullet or bullets. Your defense, in this case, requires you to shoot, asap, at a distance you yourself deem dangerous, and then stepping or jumping sideways to elude him while keeping a safe distance from him. The side where he would need to twist his body, if he is still capable of delivering a follow-up, is the best place to avoid his momentum. Take note: SIDEWAYS!
Momentum can only be stopped with an equal or greater momentum. An unarmed martial art expert adept at delivering a flying kick can stop the man rushing towards him.
Another technique - done at the proper timing - is to use the attacker's own momentum to work against him. The people who can efffectively do this are Aikido experts. This is the reason why the best martial art to learn, in my opinion, is Aikido. You can effectively use Aikido even when you are past 80 years old.
Note-2: Never never step back as you might trip and fall down. This is a very common mistake! Rather, move to your right or to your left - without taking your eyes off your adversary - to check if your attacker has a cohort about to stab you or bash your head with a lead pipe . Also, never fire a warning shot into the air, the “presence of a handgun is warning enough.” Further, falling bullet can injure and kill. Read here.
Addenda to Note-2
I know you don't want to kill a man, all God fearing men do. But when you are confronted with a situation described above, stepping back will NEVER increase the distance between you and your attacker even if you backpedal 10 to 20 meters or more.
I can never forget those graphic images of a police officer that was being confronted by a bolo wielding man. The officer had his gun leveled to his adversary's chest at a distance of about 7ft., basing on newspaper photos. Probably not prepared to kill, the cop continued giving verbal warnings while backpedaling. His attacker always moved forward trying to get closer as the cop continued to backpedal until he stepped on something that caused him to trip and fall down. His attacker took advantage of the cop's compromised position, stabbed him then hacked him several times. The cop died on the spot. The photos were taken a by a news reporter who happened to be around.
Falling-bullet injuries

"Bullets fired into the air usually fall back with terminal velocities much lower than their muzzle velocity when they leave the barrel of a firearm. Nevertheless, people can be injured, sometimes fatally, when bullets discharged into the air fall back down to the ground. Bullets fired at angles less than vertical are more dangerous, as the bullet maintains its angular ballistic trajectory, is far less likely to engage in tumbling motion, and so travels at speeds much higher than a bullet in free fall." - Wikipedia

Study life-saving gun disarming technique
Gun Disarming Technique - Study and practice this to improve your skill

Img. 1a - Man points a gun on the chest of his intended victim.
Img. 2a - Intended victim catches and tightly hold the firing arm of his attacker with his right hand and pushes the hand away and upwards to the left of his head/body while his left hand twists the hand holding the weapon.
Img. 3a - Intended victim further pushes the gun upwards and twisting it further to gain possession of the weapon. Click here for larger images.

Continue twisting the hand holding the weapon if you failed to make a fast disarm above.

If you failed to make a fast disarm above, continue to twist his arm until you gain possession of the weapon. Be ready to make an elbow blow to his face when you have succeeded in disarming him. If there is a wall 2 to 3 ft away, slam his head on the wall.
The images were taken at another angle. View larges images here

You are in a life or death situation and you need to fight in order to possibly save your life! There, simply, no other option...

This is almost a no-win situation if you are unarmed and have no place to hide and take cover. However, one who has basic self-defense training and familiar with different kinds of firearms has a chance of survival even if he is unarmed especially when the criminal points the gun on his forehead.

Defense Thoughts when a gun is pointed on your head
Duck and Pull: Defense Thoughts on a Gun Pointed on Your Head - an option.

Img. 1b - Man point a gun at the head of his intended victim.
Img. 2b - Intended victim ducks quickly and grabs the legs of his attacker. While doing so, the gun muzzle shifted away from his head,
Img. 3b ...then stands and pulls the legs of the attacker as he stands up with his stronger leg.

Most pistols have disconnector safeties

Most pistols have disconnector safeties that will ensure the pistol will not fire unless it is in full battery.

Img. 6 Most pistols have disconnector safeties that will ensure the pistol will not fire unless it is in full battery. 1911 pistols, even my S&W M&P9c striker-fired pistol, have that feature. Walther P22s don't have this feature, however, no firearms manufacturer will allow their pistol to fire if it is not in full battery, since a portion of the cartridge case jutting out of the chamber can burst and cause serious hand or eye injury. Likewise, the slide and frame of the pistol can be damaged. Thus, a mechanism, in lieu of the disconnector safety, will always be present.

Pushing the slide as shown in a fast disarming technique, however, is difficult to implement. I have not studied this technique. Try if it is possible to do so. See large image here.

2. Man is armed with a gun

Think! Don’t panic!

- If the criminal has not shot you yet, beg for your life to buy time but don’t shout for help. If he is now standing right in front of you with the gun pointed on your head or on your chest, continually to beg for your life. Don’t kneel down if he is not ordering you to kneel down. Ask the man to spare your life and so and so; pretend to cry (hmm, if you are not crying yet) and make it convincing. Observing his eye, make a slight but darting head and eye movement to his left or to his right. This can (caution: CAN!) distract the criminal thinking there is a policeman or a person to help you. If you are successful in distracting him, grab the weapon see Images 1a, 2a,3a above. Be sure the gun is up pushed up to the left away from your body and twist the arm strong as you can do it.

See Images Img. 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c 6c on how to grab various kinds of weapons.

Note: This easier said than done. You have to practice it! Warning: Don’t distract him by shouting “police!” he might pull or accidentally pull the trigger! Don’t try to jab his eyes, too. A man has a natural instinct of protecting his eyes.

- In case the man orders you to kneel down, do so, you have no other option but to oblige, but with only one knee – your stronger knee Img. 1b, 2b and 3b knee - on the floor if you think bringing him down first then grappling with his weapon is more advantageous.

I think, however, that it is much better to use the disarming technique shown in Img 1a 2a 3a above even if you are kneeling down, because grasping the hand holding the weapon will give you a better chance of survival.

If you think Duck and Pull is your only means to survive the situation, grab his legs or a leg and pull it with all your strength while you are kneeling down on your stronger legs as you stand up - quickly. As you do this, your head has shifted away from the gun's muzzle, if he is pointing the gun at your head. This defensive technique will make him fall on his back when executed correctly. If you are physically strong and capable of engaging him, quickly jump over him and grab his weapon in a split second he is disoriented. If not, run as fast as you can in the direction opposite his head while erratically zigzagging* as you do so. The man might not shoot you at all so as not to attract attention or will run after you if he did not sustain any serious back injury. Further, it is not very easy to shoot accurately (at low light, most especially) while one is down with his back on the floor and at a direction opposite his head. He has to turn so his chest is flat on the ground, raise his head some inches from the floor for him to properly aim his weapon at you and shoot.

How to Hold a Particular Firearm Type for the Disarming
Ideal Way to Grab a Particular Firearm Type for the Disarming Technique Shown

Img. 1c - Cocked revolver
Img. 2c - Uncocked revolver
Img. 3c - Cocked .45 . This is a Colt Series 80 MKIV Gold Cup National Match
Img. 4c - A striker fired pistol. This is a Smith and Wesson M&P9c. No external hammer to block. Will fire no matter how you hold it. However, as with all type of pistols, pushing the slide even less than a quarter of an inch rearward will prevent it from firing. See image
Img. 5c - A cocked double action pistol. This pistol is a double action Walther P22. Double action pistols, unlike standard 1911s can be fired with the hammer down with just a little more trigger pull when it is cocked.
Img. 6c - Uncocked double action pistol

The pictures show the "ideal" way to grab a particular weapon. "Ideal" because in a fast grab disarming technique, placing that small finger between the hammer and the firing pin is not easy to do. For uncocked revolver, the gun will not fire since the wheel is prevented from rotating.

See larger images of ideal way to grab a paricular type of firearm.

Img. 5 - Keep your hands and fingers away from the headspace shown View Larger Image

For a COCKED REVOLVER, your hands should be kept away, just enough, so that it is NOT directly above the revolver headspace (the gap between the barrel face and the cylinder) as a small part of the blast, and probably some minute metal shavings that escape there, is powerful enough to cause serious hand injury especially for magnum or +P loads. This will cause you, by reflex action, to disengage your grip on the weapon and render your hand useless at a time you most need it.

What then could be done to avoid serious injury grabbing a cocked revolver? Grab the gun, but not exactly the same as shown in Img. 1c. This time, your palm must cover the hammer area with the web of your palm and your index finger restraining the cylinder to keep it from rotating after the gun fires and the trigger is pulled again. Doing this technique will keep your finger/s and your palm away from the barrel alignment point gap as shown on Img. 5. Further, your palm CAN prevent or slow down the hammer as it falls and there is a “possibility” the revolver will not fire. Twist the gun hand as shown in Img. 6 using your thumb to press the rear of the trigger guard since it gives more leverage than twisting the gun with your thumb on the frame. Your life is in danger. You need to do all you can to save your life.


For pistols like the .45 Colt, Smith and Wesson M&p9C and the Walther P22, etc, holding tightly the slide and the frame will still fire the pistol but it will jam and thus will not chamber a new round. Please watch video below showing that a pistol won't fire again if the slide and the frame are tightly held together. Click Here

If you are familiar with the M&P9c and the Walther P22 shown above, or any other pistols that won't fire when the magazine is not inserted, pushing the pistol's magazine release button must be your next priority if the gun has not yet discharged a round.

Addenda: There is no blast of hot gas that comes out of a pistol's ejection port unless the pistol's timing cycle is faulty. Also, if you are tightly holding the slide and the frame of the pistol, the slide won’t even open at all. If the slide opens, it won’t close to catch your finger or your palm since the unejected cartridge case will prevent the slide from closing. The spent cartridge shell is hot but not too hot to cause a blister.

Grabbing the Slide and Firing Part-2

Polenar Tactical created Part-2 of the video earlier shared here since the first video elicited so many concerns and queries. In Part-2 above, firearms instructor Žiga Polajnar of Polenar Tactical has clearly elucidated and demonstrated how a pistol could be safely disabled by tightly holding the slide and the frame. Big thanks, Polenar Tactical!

With this information in mind you can now develop your own disarming technique which might be much better and more effective than what is suggested in this page.

Video Credit: Polenar Tactical

This buys you some precious seconds to increase your physical distance from him. In case he did manage to shoot and hit you, so be it. It is better to sustain a gunshot at some point in the back and at some distance than being shot in your head or chest at close range.

You have to carry out what action to take as soon as possible to minimize the time he will be able to execute his next move. Before you do this, however, be sure you have no other alternative but to fight!

You can also use the Duck and Pull, with a little difficulty, while you are kneeling on your two knees, by quickly raising your stronger foot to the ground to gain leverage and simultaneously grabbing a leg or his two legs. Practice this with a thick foam mattress to avoid the risk of back injuries.

*You must practice running this way.

- If you have a gun, jump for cover if you can, and shoot!


It might be advisable for those capable of delivering a fast powerful blow enough to disorient or knock down a person to hit the attacker's chin first while holding and pushing the gun hand away from their body before going or grappling for the attacker’s weapon. A strong blow to the chin knockes out a man. A caveat: you must be familiar with many firearms type and make.

3. Self-Defense For the Elderly/Physically Weak

"Never pick a fight with an old guy. Old guys are too smart to fight and get hurt. They'll just kill you and get it over with." - Anonymous

Majority of unarmed self-defense response requires some degree of physical strength, thus the physically weak will always be seen as an easy target by the criminally inclined. The great equalizer for the physically weak and the physically strong will always be the gun. However, in a society where a gun is looked down as a means of offense rather than defense, chances of possessing or carrying one will be almost impossible.

Always secure your fire escape keys with a wrist loop

Img. 4 - Secure your fire escape key with a wrist loop so you won't lose the key even if you drop it during extreme emergency where you need to get out of your house. This is a good safety practice.

Tasers, small personal alarms that emit high pitch sound, pepper sprays are effective to some degree but they are not enough to scare a criminal away. Further, you have to practice it, too, to be effective. As an example; be sure to take note of where the wind is blowing before you use that pepper spray.

Criminals are usually armed with guns or knives and are ready to fight for their existence. So, the best self-defense is still “avoidance” both for the physically weak and physically strong.

Dos and Don’ts:

In the home:

- Do have a gun at home if your country permits you to do so and practice it.

- Have a dog trained to defend you in case of an attack.

- Double or triple check your doors if they are properly locked and secured before you go to bed and sleep.

- Install window iron grills with padlocked fire escapes even if it is not fashionable in your area.

- Be sure that all the keys of your fire escape padlocks have wrist loops, see Img.4, so you won’t won't lose the key in case you drop it during an emergency where you need to escape during a fire or when an intruder enters your home.

- Periodically check the condition of your fire escape padlocks and oil them frequently or if needed replace them with a new one.

Always destroy the shipping label before throwing away the shipping box.

Img. 5 - The shipping label contains the name, address and telephone number of both the shipper and the recipient. Always destroy the shipping label before throwing the box away.

In public places:

- Carry a gun if it is allowed in your country, if not; carry a defense umbrella (it's now available at Amazon.Com), a Taser, a pepper spray, personal alarm, police whistle, etc. They are a big help in some situation.

- Don’t go to notoriously known dangerous areas.

- Don’t go home late if you can. Late hours and early morning hours are the favorite striking time of criminals.

- Adhere to the principles of Jeff Cooper's Condition Yellow

The shipping box label

The label of a shipping box shown in Img.5 gives “invaluable” information needed by thieves, scammers, swindlers, deadly vicious criminals about the activities of both the sender and the recipient. They can call your home and ask you questions, questions that you might unwittingly answer. Any information they gain is so important for them to plan and execute their move: either to rob your home, swindle you, kidnap you or any member of your family, make prank or even threatening calls which will leave you sleepless for the next several days. You might even hire a security guard if you can afford it to guarantee the safety of your family and that will cost you a good amount of money. Criminals are very good at deceiving people. They are soft-spoken, amiable, very courteous, etc., and they will do anything to gain your confidence.

Fps-2 How I defended myself against a 20" lead pipe attack.

Fps-1 Fps-3 Fps-4 Fps-5

I had an altercation with a jeep passenger who won’t let me in to sit in one of the two front passenger seats of the vehicle by blocking my entry. I asked the driver to stop the vehicle as I was clinging like a fool on the front right side as the vehicle accelerated. I cussed the abusive passenger who happened to be a cohort of the driver. I challenged him to a fight, he obliged by getting the 20” lead pipe drivers use to extend the lever of a tire wrench. I was shocked, but I did not manifest it to him. I had very little training on self-defense and just relied on how to block the lead pipe as explained in books and some videos I had seen.

It did not go that way in that fight! It was simply so different! The guy just threw snappy lead pipe blows so only the sharp end of the lead pipe will hit my head. My voice became high pitch when I shouted “go ahead!” betraying my confident fighting stance. lol! He responded by snapping several vertical blows to my head.

He kept a safe distance from me, stepping forward only when he attempted to land a blow on my head. I was fast enough to step back and avoid the blows. I studied his timing: a snappy downward blow and the upward recoil. I noticed that the recoil motion was not as fast as the snappy downward blow which, in most probability, was due to the weight of the lead pipe itself.

Then it happened, as he made another blow, I took advantage of that time lag screaming "pasokkk" (the literal Tagalog translation of pasok is "come in or get in") while making a semi jump toward him close enough for me to catch his right hand on his next blow. The guy was startled, stepped back and ran away.

A policeman in civilian clothes happens to be driving by, probably going to his office situated just about 200 meters away. He blocked the man’s path and apprehended him.

I and all the passengers of the vehicle were taken to a police substation where the Desk Officer asked me if I want to file charges. I did not. I said I just want to slap the guy but I was not permitted to do so.

The officer said: “it’s good you were able to evade this” while holding the pipe. I replied that it was God's hand that saved me. Amen

Fps-5 How a long men’s umbrella saved my life from a knife attack

Fps-1 Fps-2 Fps-3 Fps-4

For about 15 centuries now, Catholics celebrate the Virgin Mary’s birthday on September 8, “The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. We used to celebrate this yearly occasion, too and devotees plan for the event a week or two before September 8. I don’t know if the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday celebration continues until today in that community as I and a lot of my friends had already moved out from that place.

The celebration

The place of the event was just about 5 blocks away or a mere 15-minute walk from my home so I decided to just walk to our activity area. The devotees of the Blessed Virgin had by then already a prepared the sound system needed for our celebration including the electric guitar that I will use to accompany the choir when I arrived.

We started celebrating the “Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary” at about 5 PM. I was one of the 2 guitarists accompanying the choir singing songs of praise to the Blessed Virgin. We recited the rosary and made our petitions to the Blessed Mother of the Son of God. We had our sumptuous meal after that and followed it up with prayers which included sharing, singing and dancing. The activity was concluded past 11 PM. There were still lots of people around that seemed to enjoy the company of each other. I begged the host, who is also my friend, that I have to leave early since I still have to report for work the next day, a Monday. There was a slight drizzle so my friend lent me his long men’s umbrella. I bade everybody goodbye and started walking home.

A foiled ambush
It has always been my practice not to walk near or on the sidewalks at nighttime or even at daytime especially when there are few or no people along a stretch of road; or in places where there are so many “lowlifes”. I made it a practice to walk at almost the center of the road and just go near the sidewalk in case I hear an approaching car or see a car’s headlights.

My left hand grasped the center of the umbrella so it won’t easily buckle down if I hit the hard part of his face in case I miss his eye or neck. My right hand tightly grasped the umbrella’s handle...

Just a block away or about a hundred yards later, a man standing at an electric post with a busted street lamp at a street intersection accosted me while drawing a long wicked looking icepick. I was frightened and asked God to save me. The man walked slowly towards me, icepick in hand, which I recognized to be a tres cantos. A tres cantos is fashioned from a triangular file and then sharpened. It is actually a three bladed knife and its only purpose is to kill. The length was about 12” including the handle. I immediately closed the men’s umbrella and pointed it to his face. My terrified thought was this man might be a “thrill killer” Oh God, please help me, I said to myself. My left hand grasped the center of the umbrella so it won’t easily buckle down if I hit the hard part of his face in case I miss his eye or neck. My right hand tightly grasped the umbrella’s handle. I must make sure not to stab my adversary’s chest since the pointed end of the umbrella will not penetrate deep enough to cause serious injury. Further, the umbrella might buckle down and that’s my end.

We danced around for about 2 to 3 minutes with him trying to stab me with his knife. He looked fierce and angry. The umbrella which I aimed at his face prevented him from stabbing me. I then relaxed and tried to talk him out of what he is doing. He did not respond. I kept talking to him and asked why he wanted to kill me.

Then he responded with a horrifying note: “I’m a balut” street peddler. You and your cohorts held me up, ate and took all my balut; now it’s your time to pay me back – with your life.”

I don’t have anything to do with that, I said. If you heared all the celebratory songs not far away from here, well that was us. I asked him in a calm tone to lower down his knife so we can talk. He hesitated but he did, praise God! I also lowered the tip of my umbrella down. As a gesture that you want to talk, throw away that knife and let’s talk, I said to him. He did! I did not do same with my umbrella. We talked calmly for about 5 minutes after he asked in an angry tone if I was a policeman. I said relax, I’m not a policeman.

His sob story: “I just borrowed the money to buy a basketful of balut and now there is no way for me to pay it as I lost everything including the basket.” I, however, did not take his story hook line and sinker, but during that time so many balut street peddlers were indeed killed by thrill killers who were either drug addicts, drunkards or plain criminals in the wee hours of the morning. I reached for my wallet and handed him 20 pesos which was good money during that time since the minimum wage was just P8/day. I even gave him my calling card and instructed him to call me since our company was looking for a utility man. He never called. I then cautiously picked up the tres cantos lying about 2 feet away from his feet and gave it back to him. I said throw this away, brother, if a police patrol car catch you up with this, I'm sure you will be put in prison for a long time.

A suspicion

I was already home and in bed trying to sleep for about an hour when I realized that the man must be a burglar or worst a thrill killer. I came to this conclusion because there was something I could not explain with his behavior. I realized, why did he ask me if I was a policeman? What wrong had a policeman done him? And if I said yes, I’m a policeman, what would have been the consequence? Had he picked up his knife lying near his feet and stabbed me? That was possible as I was already talking to him at a distance of less than 3 feet. I concluded that maybe, just maybe the man was indeed a criminal. I stood up and went to report the incident to a police substation located about 200 meters away from our house. The investigating officer said that there were already 3 incidents of holdups in that area. The police asked me to join them in their patrol car so I can identify the man in case we see him. We went to the place and also several areas nearby but the man was no longer around.

The danger of using an umbrella against a knife attack is if your antagonist manages to grab the end of the umbrella. My antagonist did not attempt to do this and, frankly, I don't have an idea what my reaction was if he managed to grab the umbrella tip area.

In case he was able to grab the umbrella end, pull the umbrella as strong as you can with a jerking motion while pushing the handle down with your right hand using your left hand as the lever. Turn your body slightly away from the knife hand while simultaneously twisting the umbrella clockwise or counter-clockwise as strong as you can, then step sidewards to the right or left, again, away from his knife hand. Your antagonist's balance may be affected causing him to release his grip on the umbrella tip. This is just a theory, please do some practice to test if it is a "sound theory". As I have said earlier, I'm not a martial arts expert so please do some experiment. To avoid serious injury, be sure to have some face and neck protection when you practice the men's umbrella defense.

I learned recently that there are now defense umbrellas you can buy at Amazon.Com, but they are not cheap. They cost about $250 to $300 depending on who manufactured it. These type of umbrellas can be used for offense. Ordinary umbrellas, like the one I used, must strictly be for defense ONLY unless you are a martial arts expert. But if you were one, you don't even need an umbrella to make a good defense in such a situation.